Shell and Beach Walk

What is a Shell and Beach Walk?

It’s a guided walking tour at the beach given by a Florida Coastal Master Naturalist. We cal it “edutainment”. Education because you learn a lot about the beach environment- including shells, sea turtles, shorebirds and more- and entertainment because it’s fascinating and good fun for all ages. Our guests consistently thank us for helping them appreciate the beach from a fresh, new perspective.

A Shell and Beach Walk lasts approximately 90 minutes. The first segment is an introductory talk and shell identification, where you’ll see about thirty common shells from our collection. The second part is walking on the beach and learning about the coastal environment. We also show dozens of interesting photos to illustrate each topic, so “boring” is one adjective we’ve never heard describe the walk!

Walks take place at different beaches around the area. Tour consists of leisurely walking ad standing, and walking distance varies at each location, but averages approximately one mile.

For more information, including prices, times and locations, go to the website:

Take a Shell and Beach Walk with a Florida Coastal Master Naturalist and learn about the beach environment, including shells, sea turtles, shorebirds, and more.

The grand finale of every evening Shell and Beach Walk is a beautiful sunset.

It’s a fascinating and fun way to enjoy the beach for all ages.