Explore, Learn, and Make a Difference.

Seeing these wonderful creatures in action is an experience to remember. We encourage our guests to take photos of their alligator adventures as well as our many other reptiles and amphibians.
We believe that by educating people about these interesting animals in a hands on manner, we can dispel some of the myths regarding them while also growing our conservation efforts.
Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

Open Wide!

A close up of the impressive jaws of a baby alligator


A visitor gets her turn to hold a baby alligator


One of our baby gators being happily held

Getting a Great Photo

A guest snaps a photo of one of our gators

A Look of Curiosity

A baby gator peers curiously at our photographer while hanging out

Learning from a Pro

Visitors get to see our alligators up close and learn from trainers

King of the Pin

A baby gator rests triumphantly on a pin feature


One of our gators rest a shore while their friends swim in the background

Big Talker

A gator makes eye contact with a big open expression

Close Up Action

Use our special viewing windows to get up close and personal!

Gators Playing

Our gators love to explore their pins

Learning Experience

A young guest holds one of our adolescent gators while learning about the reptile


A young guest admires her new friend

Kiss A Gator!

A young guest kisses a gator!


One of our gators looking majestic

New Friends

Kids enjoying holding and learning about gators

Heads Up

Baby gators enjoying sunbathing

Group Photo

Baby gators lounge in a pile together

Exploring the Pin

One of our gators explores its pin


A visitor touching a gator

Black Spotted Puffer

I'm not fat, I'm puffy!

Blue Tang

"Just Keep Swimming"

Exploring an Underwater World

Children looking into one of our fish tanks

Majestic Lion Fish

Very venomous, DO NOT TOUCH!

Purple Rose Queen Cichlids

I'm not a princess, I'm a queen.

Lion Fish

If looks could kill.

Lizard Fun

Visitor holds one of our lizards.

Hold a Lizard

A visitor lets a lizard climb up her arm

Bearded Dragon

Our bearded dragon- say hello!

Lizard Looking Up

An amazing little lizard


One of our many lizards


One of our chameleons

Blue Iguana

Our beautiful blue iguana

Striking a Pose

Rudolph the Tortoise


Rudolph leans in for a good look at our camera.

Tortoise Treat

Guests pet Rudolph while he eats a treat

Barley and a New Friend

A young guest holds one of our little pigs, Barley
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Seeing is believing!

We work hard to create an inviting atmosphere for children (and adults!) to learn about and interact with amazing reptiles and amphibians. We love these creatures and hope you will too!

Let's Take It Outside with Misty Wells

Florida is home to roughly 1.25 million alligators. As alligator habitats become smaller, we need to be aware of our surroundings when at fresh-water areas.