Super Simple (and fun!) Ways to Help the Animals at Alligator Attraction

When Alligator Attraction opened we had a vision to help educate our visitors on the importance of conservation. But telling people how important the environment is just isn’t all that effective.

People will agree but it doesn’t motivate anyone to help because up until that point it’s just a boring concept, right?

That’s why we offer up-close and personal experiences with some of our animals. It’s important to us that people understand the ramifications of rapid development as humans encroach on the natural habitats of these important creatures.

We know that when you come in and see our animals, you’ll have a new appreciation for them and the loss of their natural habitats. When you do, you might be moved to help.

If so, thank you. We couldn’t exist without your support.

Our animals eat about $97 worth of food every day. That’s $679 a week.

What would that be a month? Quick math: $679 x 4 = ?


Even if you don’t want to do the math, we can agree that’s a lot, right?


Our animals need your help. Best of all, helping is easy and fun.


4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Help the Animals at Alligator Attraction

When people come in and meet our friends, they want to help. Our animals are just so darn cute!

If you’re one of those wonderful people, here’s how you can join our family of supporters.

We could really use you.


1.   Animal Adoption

A lot of visitors want to take our animals home (especially Sid) but we don’t sell our animals. They have very specific needs that most people just aren’t aware of. For instance, some of our animals need to eat live prey so they don’t lose that hunting instinct. A lot of people find it pretty grizzly to feed some of our animals.

But we have a solution. You can show your love for our animals without the daily care needed. Sounds awesome, right?

Our adoption program allows you to choose a type of animal to support for the year. You are not entitled to take it home, you are merely helping with its upkeep and making sure it gets the help it needs to continue to thrive.

We have several categories of animals eligible for adoptions. Our “Armed and Beautiful” category is predominantly for the crocodilians. This population needs our help because while they’re often portrayed as bad scary creatures, they help keep animal populations in check. If they’re not eating smaller animals and those animals are reproducing too rapidly, that can mean ecosystems are thrown out of balance.

“Too Cute” category is for the mammals, tortoises, turtles, and others. Alligator Attraction is home to three African Spur Thigh Tortoises (also known as Sulcatas) named Yoshi, Littlefoot, and Rudolph and they’d love to be adopted (again, they can’t go home with you no matter how big your room is). The Attraction is proud to be a leader in turtle conservation, education, and science.

There are two levels of adoption packages.

In our digital package, for a minimal adoption fee of $25, you’ll receive:

  • A personalized digital adoption certificate
  • Digital color photo
  • Digital species fact sheet


In the gold adoption package for $50, you receive:

  • Personalized adoption certificate
  • Color photo
  • Species fact sheet
  • Plush animal
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S.

2.   Be a Donation Hero

At Alligator Attraction, we would love to have a lot of things you might want to get rid of. In fact, you likely have some of them around your house. We always need

  • Produce (mostly greens and fruit). Many of our animal friends love to eat green leafy produce. Just like you, right?
  • If you have old blankets or towels, we can use them.
  • Paper litter. Lots of our friends need paper litter for their living environments.


3.   Give Them a Home

Okay, not literally. We’re not sending any of our precious friends away. But ultimately, we are interested in giving our friends areas here at Alligator Attraction that closely mirrors their natural animal habitats. For instance, the aquarium will be updated in order to showcase our Florida waterways and to help more people understand how we each have an effect on the environment and need to be good neighbors. After all, it’s not just about protection. It’s about our well-being as well. If we throw off the ecosystem by destroying a major component of it, we suffer too. Our food sources can be in jeopardy or there could be an overabundance of mosquitoes or other pests that would normally be consumed by other creatures.


4.   Have a Fun Night Out

Finally, supporting Alligator Attraction can be fun for grown-ups too. Come to our inaugural John’s Pass Rescue Fundraiser on August 24, 2019, from 5 pm-9 pm. We’ll have unforgettable cocktails, cuisine, and a silent auction benefiting animal rescues, conservation, and the Croc Docs. A single VIP ticket is $35 or two VIP admissions for $50.

Alligator Attraction and the animals we help thrive on your support. If you want to do more for the environment and conservation, we can help amplify your reach and maximize your efforts as you assist us in doing the same. Together we can create a stronger Florida that allows us all to live in this fragile ecosystem and benefit from one another.

Now let’s see if you were paying attention:


Conservation Quiz:


  1. The animals at Alligator Attraction love _______ and they’re always happy when people bring them some.
    1. Potato chips
    2. Grape soda
    3. Green produce
    4. None of the above


  1. When you adopt an animal at Alligator Attraction you get to take it home on the weekends. (True or False?)


  1. Our newest animal is a baby Giraffe named Newton. (True or False?)


Answers: the answers are all found in our blog post. Except the last one. That’s an exercise in deductive reasoning.


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