Introducing Tampa Bay Rescues Where We Speak For Them

Welcome to Tampa Bay Rescues, where we save animals! Our goal is to protect and educate our community about the many critters that inhabit this wonderful world around us. Meet our team of brands dedicated to this mission and reporting for duty! Including our flagship Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center, our new development Sunny Green Acres, and much more. 


Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center

Alligator, snakes and reptiles – oh my! Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center is home to over 250 rescues including lizards, small mammals, amphibians, turtles and tortoises, saltwater marine life, and of course alligators! 

Providing education to the public, we implement ways in which thousands of students, scouts, teachers, homeowners, and others can coexist with the creatures of the world. Furthermore, we place an emphasis on preventing animal neglect, informing the public on the needs of certain species and whether or not they are good household pets. As of today, The Alligator & Wildlife Center has been around for over 11 years – becoming a key community staple in John’s Pass and an ally to the diverse wildlife in Florida.


John’s Pass Rescue

Visiting John’s Pass? You won’t want to miss our amnesty rescue (for all animals except cats and dogs), including our charming pot bellied pig greeter, Barley, a fan favorite! 

At John’s Pass Rescue we work to help animals find new homes, whether it is the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center or other organizations.

Unfortunately, many of our animals are surrendered, which is why we educate and encourage our visitors to do extensive research prior to purchasing an exotic animal. 

Our goal is to arrange housing conditions that will be best for the animal. Providing a temporary home in the process.


Mad Beach Aquaculture

A favorite of aquarium hobbyists and expert reefers, Mad Beach Aquaculture specializes in captive propagation of a diverse array of aquarium corals. 

Known as an education and conservation first aquaculture facility, we are located in John’s Pass at the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center. 

Our goal is to provide healthy and happy corals at an affordable price – donating a significant amount of proceeds in the process to The Coral Restoration Program. Come by and learn about our propagation process for these “trees of the sea”.


Sunny Green Acres

Sunny Green Acres is our new development for the rescues that require more space and sunlight. Many of the animals in this facility are farm animals that unfortunately could no longer be supported by their owners. Luckily, the animals here have become permanent residents – living happy and healthy lives during the process. 

In addition to the animals, there are many other works-in-progress. Including a 8,500 sq ft indoor and outdoor butterfly garden, raised plant beds, a greenhouse, and a 200-seat outdoor pavilion for additional county event space. This addition allows us to further expand our educational offerings to include organic horticulture and culinary arts.

The future butterfly garden

These new developments will take a lot of time and donations before Sunny Green Acres can open for the public, so stay tuned for upcoming events that will help bring us closer to opening!

At Tampa Bay Rescues, we are excited to share both the new developments and current ways we are helping our community and environment. Thank you for your continued support as we provide our rescues with the best care possible!

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