Host Your Best Party Ever with Alligator Attraction

Are you tired of the same old boring party locations? Do you worry about germs or loud over-stimulating environments? Do you just wish you could host a party without all the fuss? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then Alligator Attraction has a perfect party solution for you.


Invite Alligator Attraction to Your Place

If you have a location in mind for your party such as a home, office, or school, we can come to you. We bring a handful of our animals who love the interaction and can provide a fun, educational adventure for your group. Pricing starts at $225 for three hours. We also charge a standard mileage rate for any locations outside of a 25-mile radius.

We are happy to come to your:

  • scout meeting or celebration
  • birthday party
  • school science classroom
  • fair or festival
  • farmers market
  • place of business
  • employee meeting
  • preschool or daycare

or any other occasion that you would benefit from interaction with our animals. While many of the events that we attend are parties, they certainly don’t need to be. We’re happy to come out to any location to make your gathering unique and memorable.


Hosting a Party at The Alligator Attraction

If you would prefer to use our location that’s a possibility too. We just opened a party room and it is perfect for small groups and meetings. Our party room is a unique backdrop for any type of group and we are now officially certified as a sensory-friendly attraction. Alligator Attraction’s staff worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to become a Certified Autism Center business, offering sensory-friendly options and a commitment to offering an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you don’t need a party room and simply want your group to check out The Alligator Attraction, we do offer group rates for groups larger than 5. Admission for a family or group of five is $35 and $6.95 for each additional person. If you have a specific request for your group please contact us at 727-329-8751.


The Benefits of an Alligator Attraction Party

Whether you invite us to your place or you want to come to ours, there are several benefits to hosting an event with Alligator Attraction:

  1. It’s Educational. While this may not sound appealing to your kids, it’s a big bonus for adults. The thought that you can incorporate learning in a fun way that children don’t even realize is learning is a win for everyone. Hands-on learning is also the best way for most people to remember the materials covered.
  2. It’s Unique. Sure, you might be able to go down to the local pond and see some alligators, but you don’t want to get too close. However, with an Alligator Attraction party the alligator interaction is overseen by a staff member. Party participants can touch our gators and feel their rough skin while getting an appreciation for their gentle power.
  3. It’s Memorable. There are only so many venues for parties in the Tampa Bay area and it seems like, at least with kids’ birthday parties, everyone hosts them at the same couple of places. That means your guests have likely been to the venue where you’re hosting several times that year alone. At the Alligator Attraction, you’re providing a unique and memorable experience, one that your party guests will be talking about for some time.
  4. It’s Conservation-focused. Not only is it educational because we teach the partygoers about the animals they’re seeing, but we also talk about ecosystems and conservation. At a time when this is becoming such an important news topic, it’s helpful to see and understand the animals that are being affected by environmental pollution and overdevelopment. It’s fine to learn about these things in a hypothetical sense, but when you can see and touch the type of animals that could be (or have been) affected, it has a much more profound impact. If you have children who are concerned about the environment, this is an ideal party venue to help them assist their friends in understanding their concerns.
  5. It’s Fun. A party at Alligator Attraction is all of these things above but it’s also fun seeing animals up close that we normally can’t approach in the wild. It is a thrilling experience and something that children of all ages enjoy. No one forgets the first time a tarantula crawl across their hand.

if you’d like to learn more about Alligator Attraction parties, please contact us today and we can create a perfect celebration for your group.



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