Earth Day, A little farther up, Route 17 is considered a beauty spot. In Hohokus, N.J., Terry Seuss, 14, hops on pop and beer cans. (Photo By: Jerry Kinstle/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

All About Earth Day

Earth Day 2023 is just around the corner, and we are excited to celebrate at Tampa Bay Rescues ! Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to come together and show our appreciation for the planet we call home. As well as celebrating, it is also a day to take action and help protect our environment. This year, Tampa Bay Rescues is hosting Pick-up With Pickups to clean up hurricane debris from Sunny Green Acres, but more on that later. First we want to show our appreciation with some ways anyone can help!


What is Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual observance that is celebrated every year on April 22nd. It was established in 1970 when over 20 million people (the 2nd largest US demonstration in history) came together in protest for immediate environmental action. This first event is what put environmental issues on the national agenda and kickstarted the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Eventually Earth Day became a world-wide observance celebrated in more than 170 countries!


Ways You Can Help


Environmental issues can be overwhelming and it’s easy to think you couldn’t possibly do anything to help. But every small action counts and there are plenty of easy ways anyone can make a difference. Here are our top five picks:

  1. Spend A Day With No Lights – Be conscious about the lights you leave on throughout the day. Flip that switch whenever it isn’t actively being used. Plus, you’ll save some money!


  1. Buy Local Produce – With that extra money you’re saving from keeping the lights off, invest in local produce! This way you will support local farmers, cut back on long distance transportation emissions, and enjoy fresher food. 


  1. Plant A Tree – We know this one is said over and over, but it’s an important one. One tree absorbs more that 48lbs of carbon dioxide per year and they provide housing for a wide range of animals. Make sure you research native trees for your local area!


  1. Pick Up Trash – Anytime you’re out on a walk or even just running errands, stop and pick up the trash. This is an easy thing that anyone can do and it cuts back on air, water, and soil pollution. It also protects animals from choking hazards.


  1. Get Involved In Community Events – It’s a great way to meet people in your community while creating a more sustainable environment. Now onto our event!



Pick-Up With Pick Ups

If you live near St. Pete or Clearwater, this one’s for you! Join us at Sunny Green Acres to clean up debris from Hurricane Irma so we can continue building our agricultural education center. If you have a pickup truck, bring it! Otherwise just bring yourself and be ready to be put to work.


This family-friendly event will involve taking one truckload ($11 dump fee per truck) of debris to the dump then coming back for an evening of tailgating fun! Our tailgating party will include food and drinks, live music, and a bonfire. You’re even welcome to bring your own alcohol.


The clean up will begin at 12:00PM at 6000 150th Ave N., Clearwater, FL 33760.


Don’t let this Earth Day go by without doing something kind for our planet. Whether you gather your crew and replant an entire forest, join us for Pick-up With Pickups, or even just leave your lights off for a day, the Earth will thank you for your care and appreciation. Now get outside and enjoy the world!

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