6+ Reasons to Spend Your Spring Break in Madeira Beach

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Florida from out-of-state or you’re local just looking for things to do over spring break, Madeira Beach–and the surrounding beaches–can keep you entertained and busy. We offer a wonderful mix of family-friendly activities, cultural events, and wonderful restaurants. Not to mention, our location on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. This area is the perfect place to spend your spring break. Here are a few reasons Mad Beach is a top destination for spring break:


Ample Accommodations

Madeira Beach offers ample accommodations in all price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a hotel where you can use your brand loyalty points or you want to stay in a smaller apartment, condo, or villa with a kitchen, Madeira Beach offers lots of choices. Some families even decide to rent homes so that they can have multi-generations stay in close proximity to one another.


The area has plenty of seasonal, by the week, and nightly rentals available. But be aware March is the busiest month for Florida travel. At this point, if you see something you like you need to book it quickly.


Beautiful Beach

This is a no-brainer. Of course, we have very lovely beaches in this area of Florida. The sand is generally soft with few rocks or pebbles. The beaches are broad allowing you to find your own space even when it’s crowded. Our water is starting to warm up and generally provides good visibility for wading. The Gulf of Mexico has some of the gentlest waves you’ll ever experience, making it perfect for families with toddlers and other non-swimmers. Beachgoers often enjoy simply sitting in the lapping waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


If you like more activity on beach days, our roomy beaches are very inviting for other activities besides swimming and strolling such as kite flying, playing a game of football in the surf, and shore fishing.


Wonderful Water Activities

Speaking of fishing, on shore isn’t the only kind we offer. The area has lots of bridges, piers, and local parks where people enjoy fishing. If you’re looking for larger game fish, we have several off-shore fishing charters that leave out of our marina.


However, there’s more to do on the water than just fish. Don’t forget jet ski rentals, dolphin sighting tours, pirate ship cruises, parasailing, and paddleboard rentals. They’re also several sunset and dinner cruises where you can enjoy the beauty of our area from the water.


Fabulous Food Choices

One of the most difficult things about eating on vacation is deciding where to go. In Madeira Beach, you have plenty of options. From well-known restaurant brands to local seafood shacks, our restaurants serve all sorts of food. Most of the restaurants are casual so you needn’t get dressed up after a day at the beach unless you want to. Reservations are generally optional, which is great for those of us who don’t want to make plans ahead of time. But keep in mind that March is a very busy time for this area. Eating at off-hours may save you some wait time.


Terrific Transportation

Getting around Mad Beach is easy. Most of our area is pedestrian-friendly with good beach access. For those of you driving in for the day, there are parking lots near the beach. It’s easiest to find spots before or after prime sun hours. John’s Pass also has a parking area with easy-to-use cashless meters.


Many guests prefer to park where they’re staying and leave their car parked for the duration of their stay. They find everything within walking distance or they will take the Suncoast Beach Trolley that links most of our Pinellas County beach communities.


Educational Eco-experiences

So far, we’ve mentioned all of the things people expect in a Florida Beach vacation. But we saved the best for last. Madeira Beach offers a lot of unique eco-experiences that you will treasure. These include:


  • Alligator Attraction. If you want to get up close and personal with a gator, one of the safest ways to do it is to visit the reptiles at our wildlife learning center. We’re conveniently located in the shops at John’s Pass. In addition to kissing alligators, you can enjoy time with pigs, tarantulas, snakes, fish, and even a sloth! In fact, we offer a very unique selfie opportunity with our resident sloth, Sid. Now that’s a souvenir and experience that you’ll remember for a very long time.
  • Shell and Beach Walks. Have you ever found something on the sandy shores and wondered what it was? Wonder no longer. When you book a shell and beach walk, the eco-adventure naturalist can provide insights and fascinating Information about shells, habitats, and local wildlife, including sea turtles.
  • Seaside Bird Sanctuary. One of the things we hear visitors talk about a lot is how different birdlife is down here compared to where they come from. The Seaside Bird Sanctuary offers visitors a close look at the treatment and rehabilitation of injured birds with nearly 100 birds on display. It’s one of the best places to photograph our beautiful birds like brown pelicans, cormorants, and blue herons.


Madeira Beach is the perfect spring break location because it can make every member of your group happy. Whether you have people who always want to be on the go seeing something new or you’re traveling with those who just want a warm place in the sun, our area can provide it all.

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