20 Awesome Things to Do in Madeira Beach on a Rainy Day

On average, we get 241 sunny days a year here in Madeira Beach. That means most days you can enjoy our gorgeous beaches and warm waters. But occasionally, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with our desire for outdoor adventures and she throws a little rain our way. When that happens, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.


You’ll love these ideas for rainy day activities in and around Madeira Beach.


20 Awesome Things to Do on a Rainy Day in (and around) Madeira Beach

First, there is an amazing array of restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, dessert houses, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, and other places where you can spend your rainy day drinking and eating. We are fortunate to have places that cater to every taste.


But this list is for those who are looking for things to do outside of meal and beverage time. Whether you enjoy history, art, animals, books, sports or all of the above, you will find plenty of entertainment in a ten-mile radius of Madeira Beach.


Alligator Attraction

At Alligator Attraction you can learn and interact with all sorts of animals. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Sid and Sylvia Sloth, Alligator Attraction is a lot more than gators. Plus, the intimate atmosphere and low visitor-to-staff ratio ensures you’ll make a lot of memories with our animals and get some amazing pictures of your experience. We offer a much more interactive time with our animals than what the larger zoos can accommodate.



Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting. You can fish from a seawall, on the beach, or aboard a boat but be careful of lightning.



We have a lot of amazing museums in the area. Check out the Dali in St. Pete, which houses the works of Salvador Dali. They now offer augmented reality tours as well as fun events like coffee with the curator. While downtown, don’t miss the Chihuly Collection, a spectacular installation in a building designed just for this collection, a first of its kind. Speaking of striking glassworks, the Imagine Museum serves up a feast of glass eye candy. One museum that might surprise you here in Florida is The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art. It pays homage to the history and passion of the American West. Another historical remembrance in St. Pete is the Florida Holocaust Museum. This moving memorial to those who suffered and lost their lives in the Holocaust shows the faces and tells the stories behind this tragic time period. If you have little ones, have some indoor fun at the Great Exploration Children’s Museum. They’ll love the interactive and educational play. These mentions only cover a few of the local museums and art installations around. There are more to explore than you will have time for. If you want to learn a little about local beach history, visit the Indian Rocks Historical Museum. You can even buy some old pictures of the area.


Tampa Bay Rays Game (April-September)

A little thing like rain won’t keep the Rays baseball team from playing thanks to the stadium roof. Tropicana Field in downtown St. Pete is also home to the Ted Williams Museum. If you want to see it, enter Gate 1. At the field level, there is a store called Team MB. Go into the store and go to the second floor. Near the back, you’ll find the doorway that opens into the free (with admission to the stadium) museum.


Driving Tour of Murals

St. Pete and our surrounding beach communities are lucky to have a host of murals on our buildings. If it’s a rainy day, you can take a driving tour to check out these amazing works of art. Just access this map and head off on an Instagrammable adventure.


Retail Therapy

In Madeira Beach, we have some interesting stores and boutiques. Don’t forget the John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk is home to many of them. Whether you’re getting something for the people back home or shopping for yourself, you’re bound to find some real treasures.



Locked Up

If you love escape room experiences, try this one in Mad Beach.


Literary Exploration

Book lovers will enjoy Haslam’s Books in St. Pete. The selection is enormous and they often host book signings. While you’re in St. Pete, drive by Jack Kerouac’s former home. If you’re the morbid type, you may be interested to know Kerouac died in St. Pete at a local hospital (St. Anthony’s) at the age of 47.


See? There’s a lot to do in the local area when it rains. But don’t wait around in Madeira Beach for a rainy day. Get out there and

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