10 Best Instagram Moments at Alligator Attraction in Madeira Beach

We feel extra fortunate here at Alligator Attraction. Not only do we work at one of the best places, surrounded by some amazing animals, but we live where most people vacation.


Hey, we’re not bragging. Honest.


In fact, we want you to be able to experience a little of what we do every day. That’s why we’re bringing you the 10 best Instagram moments at Alligator Attraction. If after viewing these images you want to see more, why not stop by and say hello to our animal friends? There are very few places where you can get this close and interact with them.



10 Coolest, Cutest, and Most Awesome Instagram Moments at Alligator Attraction

Which is your favorite?


10. Most Like TV: The Charming Bearded Dragons

Like the dragons on Game of Thrones but smaller, without wings, and less likely to roast you, meet Coraline, Gloria, and Buddy.



9. Most Likely to Make You Want a New Pet: Sonic the Hedgehog

No, you can’t have our Sonic. He’s not for sale. (This is one of our most commonly asked questions.) We just love this little guy and you will too.




8. Most Likely to Get Cast in the Next Jurassic Park Movie

Our dwarf Caiman alligators are just too cute in this video (and in person). But somebody might just have a T-rex complex. Roar!



7. Most Likely to be the Next Contestant on the Voice

What on earth is our friend crooning about in this picture? Wanna guess? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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Rain, Rain, Go Away! But until it does, come see us and play! #kissagator

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6. Most Likely to Find Nemo

We’re home to more than just gators. This beautiful friend looks like something out of a fairy tale, don’t ya think? Gorgeous color, magical-looking bubbles. Looks like he could grant any number of wishes.



5. Best Smile

Who says never smile at a crocodile or an alligator for that matter? Not us. These guys make us laugh all the time and sometimes we make them laugh too.



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Say cheese! Stop by the #alligatorattraction , located on the second floor at the #johnspass Village Square #kissagator today!

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4. Most Likely to Win You Over Quickly

Sid is slow, really, really slow. But the one thing he doesn’t do slowly is make friends. One look in this beautiful brown eyes and you’re a Sid-fanatic for life. Don’t worry. You can get a slothie as a souvenir.



3. Most Likely to Win an Academy Award

Okay, maybe not an Academy Award because that involves acting and the kids in our video didn’t have to act. (Although the little girl waiting in line is pretty precious. She looks nervous.) They were having a great time in this behind-the-scenes look at the filming. You’ll have a fun time too when you come to visit us in Madeira Beach, Florida.


2. Most Likely to Melt the Grinch’s Heart

Nothing like helping young children cultivate an appreciation for animals. This video will melt your heart (and the Grinch’s too).



1.   Best Time Around

We know. Where’s this picture? What’s the number one picture of all time for the Alligator Attraction? We left this one blank because the number one picture is the one you’re going to take on your next visit. Come see us soon and share your image with #KissAGator. Our animals are awaiting your visit.



Did your favorite pic make it into our top 10? Which is your fave and why? Share it in the comments below.


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