Animal Ambassadors

Need an animal ambassador for your next event?

Gator Kisses for everyone at your next event!

Imagine what your guests might say about your special event if they got to hold a live alligator?

Gator Kisses are one of our most popular features at the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center, so we’re sure they will be a hit with your guests. Making memories won’t be the only result, because nothing brings out the cameras more than the chance to pose with a live alligator! This is a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Our professional alligator handlers will visit your office, convention, home, school or any other venue to add a wild side to your event. You can pick from an alligator, lizard, snake and other critters from our Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center to interact with your guests. Our animal handlers will be able to talk about the animal’s natural habitat and what we can do to ensure that they are around for many years to come.

Our gators are used on a seven-day rotation, which gives them a break from interacting and time to rest. It is easy to tell that our gators do not struggle or resist this treatment; they even seem to enjoy it! We believe that educational efforts like these are crucial to the long-term survival of our American alligators. When people learn a healthy respect for alligators, people and alligators are both better off!

When you display one of our alligators at your event, you are helping ensure the survival of these animals. We agree with Charles Darwin “ The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

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