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Do not pass up this very unique opportunity to get up close with one of our Exotic Rescues & Pet Surrenders.

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Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center would love to be your destination no matter what the celebration is.


Located near the waterfront at Johns Pass, this quaint fishing village is Pinellas County’s #1 tourist destination.


Our immediate goal is the provision of humane, professional care for pet surrenders and orphaned native wildlife that cannot be safely returned to the wild.  The Center is home to over 250 animals including lizards, small mammals, amphibians, turtles and tortoises, fresh and saltwater marine life, and of course….alligators.  Our animal family comes to us from various sources such as the FWC, SPCA, wildlife rescues, and individual owners who can no longer care for their pets.

Equally important, the Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center strives to provide education to the public about the natural history, importance of, and ways in which we can coexist with the rich diversity of wildlife in the world. Thousands of students, scouts, teachers, homeowners, seniors and others attend our education programs annually. As this region continues to draw new residents from urban areas, the need for advice, assistance, information, education and referrals will grow. The Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center is seeking to reach a broader group of people by providing on-site & off-site programs and informational literature about preventing and reducing human-wildlife conflicts in addition to its current outreach educational services.

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Florida is home to some of the most unique and interesting animal species, and Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center is the ultimate destination to meet these species up close and personal. Our Hands-On Adventures create memories and photo opportunities that will last a life time.

We work hard to create an inviting atmosphere for children (and adults!) to learn about and interact with amazing reptiles and amphibians. We love these creatures and hope you will too!


The Alligator Attraction was founded in 2011. As we grew we became more than just alligators and changed our focus to education and conservation. This prompted us to change our name to Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center in 2020 . Licensed by the USDA, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Agriculture,and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

upcoming events

BRAND NEW!!!!!  Enjoy a unique educational encounter as our handlers interact with some of our most popular animal ambassadors.  Starts April 5th!

Large Alligator Show – Monday – Saturday at 3pm
See our animal handlers interact with Chip and Fido, our 10-year old American Alligators.  Learn little known facts about these incredible animals.

Live Ray Feeding – Daily at 1pm
Watch our Aquarists hand feed our Blue-Spotted Ray, Blue, and learn about her and some of her aquatic friends.

Curator Corner – Monday – Saturday at 11am
  • Monday & Thursday:  Monitor Minute.  Join Kyle as he introduces you to some of our large monitors and demonstrates how and why we target train these amazing lizards
  • Tuesday & Saturday:  Meet our African Pygmy Hedgehog, Sonic!  Be prepared for a cuteness overload!
  • Wednesday & Friday:  Crocs Rock!  Learn about some of the crocodilian species here at Alligator & Wildlife Discovery Center.  And…if you want to get closer to one of these incredible animals, hold them for a once-in-a-lifetime experience (additional fee required for holds).

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